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Punti Scena News

ottobre 15, 2019 0

ENG Here are some news from your favourite label: In the last month we released a lot of stuff, as you probably notice if you follow us on social media or keep up with out website. If you missed it, here are our last releases in chronological order: * Uitschot / Agatochles – Wat is…

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Distro Update!!!

maggio 25, 2019 0

We have few copies of these records Ci sono arrivate alcune copia di questi bei dischetti (affrettatevi, non sono molte): Losers Parade – Out of Bounds (LP) (Punk Hardcore, FFO BlackFlag, from Genoa, Italy) Stalker – Stalker (LP) (PostHC, Screamo with members of Kafka and Ex-Otago, from Genoa, Italy) Meatball Explosion / Mannaia – Split…

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New Website!

aprile 22, 2019 0

ENG Hello everyone. We finally provided our official website for you! You can find our fully updated catalog (Prato&Padua) and there’s going to be big news soon. So keep watching. ITA Ciao a tutti! Finalmente abbiamo creato il nostro sito ufficiale da persone serie. Potete trovare il nostro catalogo completo (Padova&Prato), e le nostre uscite…

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